Auxiliary Support


In addition to our court reporters and videographers coming to you, we provide neutral locations in our professionally appointed conference rooms at each of our facilities

Free Parking, Wi-Fi at all of our facilities

Process Service      

We will assist you in finding an appropriate service in Brevard County.

Records Pickup

Upload your notice on our Online Scheduling form and your records will be picked up promptly from the doctor’s office, the employer’s office or from whomever you specify.  You will receive a Certificate of Records Pickup along with your records.  You may designate us to make copies for you, either hard copy or pdf format.


We know how difficult it is to find  just the right language interpreter for your needs.  King Reporting maintains a list of local competent interpreters and will recommend one for your current need.

Speakerphone Availability

Most facilities these days have speakerphones available for use at depositions, but we will attempt to accommodate you with a portable unit from our offices.


Online Scheduling